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Health Clean uses the EDS 2000, a computerized electrodermal screening device, to measure imbalances/hindrances to the electrical (energy) flow of cells and tissues. EDS 2000 measures the energy flow of organs and tissues through meridian points running through the body. When this energy flow is slowed or stopped, the EDS 2000 reads this imbalance as either above or below 50, with 50 indicating a balanced and unhindered energy flow. An unhindered energy flow allows the body to function at optimal levels.

Take a few minutes to look over our site. Peek in at our services. Be comfortable with our professional grade supplements, herbals, homeopathies, and essential oils. Peruse our information, download our brochure, and for info along the way, be sure to visit us on facebook. If you determine we can be of help to you with your goals, contact us. In the meantime, live healthy by being healthy clean from the inside out.

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